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Photo Gallery 4

The Rail Line Crossing and the Lincoln Manor Hotel

Rail Line Crossing – Central City was crossed east and west by the main line of the Union Pacific and north and south by the Burlington. A Switch Tower stood at the crossing with a man up in the second story to “pull the handles” which assured that the tracks were aligned for the trains.

Rail Line Crossing Picture Link

“…the C.B. & Q., running north and south, crossed the main line of the Union Pacific just a quarter mile west of the square. But the town had never made up its mind which line to parallel. Half the roads came into town at odd angles, and people living in the C.B. & Q. part of town always felt like strangers when the crossed the main line.”  From The World in the Attic

Hotel – The Lincoln Manor Steak House, formerly a popular hotel, is on Main Street directly across from the post office. The Steak House is a fine eating place.

Lincoln Manor Hotel Picture Link

“The door at the front, set in slantwise on the corner, with a floral design in the frosted glass, opens on the prospect of the town. Slabs of imported Italian marble face what was once a bank.” From Ceremony in Lone Tree

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