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Photo Gallery 3

The North Ward Elementary School and the House with the Run-Around Porch

School – The North Ward Elementary School at 515 A was built in 1914 and school records reveal that Wright Morris was a student there in 1916 at the age of six. The school was razed in the summer of 2009.

School Picture Link

“That worn building, of unfaced red brick, with the paper-flower cutouts in the tall, dark windows, was the wonderful place I seemed to have told her quite a bit about.” From The World in the Attic

House with the run-around porch – The house across the street on the south end of the block is a house Wright Morris uses in his writings and was a large memory from his childhood.

House with the Run-Around Porch Picture Link

“What made the house a home was the run-around porch, a screen that stuck or slammed, a wire basket of dead ferns, a swing that scuffed the paint off the clapboards, a rail to lean on when you threw up, a stoop to sit on when you watered the grass…Under the stoop you’ll find a scooter made of one skate, a wooden-runner sled, a pair of stilts, an iron wheel rim and a stick to push it.”  From God’s Country and My People

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