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Photo Gallery 2

The Photos of Wright Morris - Courtesy of the Gorgen Family

Uncle Harry - The Home Place, Norfolk, Nebraska - 1947

Uncle Harry, Home Place, Norfolk, Nebraska 1947 (Photo)

Porch - God's Country and My People, Central City, Nebraska - 1947


"Nothing Happens to a man overnight but sometimes what has been happening for years, everyday of his life, happens suddenly. You open a door, or maybe you close it, and the thing is done. It happens..."

Quote from The Home Place

"What made the house a home was the run-around porch, a screen that stuck or slammed, a wire basket of dead ferns, a swing that scuffed the paint off the clapboards, a rail to lean on when you threw up, a stoop to sit on when you watered the grass."

Quote from God's Country and My People


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