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Photo Gallery 1

The Photos of Wright Morris - Courtesy of the Gorgen Family

Straightback Chair - The Home Place - 1947

Straightback Chair, Home Place, 1947 (Photo)

Gano Grain Elevator - Time Pieces, Western Kansas - 1940

Gano Grain Elevator, Time Pieces, Western Kanses, 1940 (Photo)

"to sit on a straight-backed chair I have to lean forward, on my knees, and look at my hands or something on the floor. On the floor was a piecs of worn linoleum. The center of the pattern had been worn off, and Clara had daubed on one of her own..."

Quote from The Home Place

"That's the way these elevators, these Great Plains monoliths, strike me. There's a simple reason, the reason for the reason, is the land and the sky. There's too much sky out there, for one thing, too much horizontal, too may lines without stops, so that the exclamation, the perpendicular, had to come."

Quote from The Home Place

Reflection in Oval Mirror - The Home Place - 1947

Reflection in Oval Mirror, Home Place, 1947 (Photo)

"Two of my mother's sisters, Winona and Violet, with Violet's husband, met me at the station in Boise. He drew me to him to look at me closely, his hands firmly gripping my shoulders. He remembered my mother but he seemed to have forgotten she had had a son. I could see in the looks they gave me that they al doubted my existence until they saw me, and I saw them. The sisters agreed that I resembled my mother. My impression of them all--the old mean already dozing, the sisters with their open affectionate faces, the warmth I felt to be accepted as on of their number--resotred to my mind an image of the good life that I had once glimpsed and put behind me."

Quote from Will's Boy: A Memoir


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